About Crown of India

We are one of the best Indian Restaurant in Zurich Located at Witikonerstrasse - 375, 8053, Zurich, Switzerland. We specializes in different Indian cuisine like Biriyani, Fisch Curry, Special item Jhinga etc. Our restaurant offers a wide range of authentic Indian dishes such as Chicken kofta, Grilled chicken salad, Chicken tikka mughlai, Paneer kofta Special items from deep of indian tastes Taste of India Zurich such as Baingan Bharta, Dal makhni, Malai Kofta.

Enjoy Indian Food here in the heart of Zurich at our stylish Indian Restaurant. Our menus offer a selection of both classic and creative dishes. Reservations accepted by phone or online. Just call us: +41-434990202, +41-796259113 or Now Book your order online, Visit : http://crown-of-india.ch.

Clients Say

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Restaurants Crown of India
Witikonerstrasse-.375, 8053 Zürich
Tel: +41-434990202, +41-796259113

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